Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sticky Foams

I was at the Dollar Tree bout three weeks ago and decided to pick up a few packs of sticky foams to help keep Miss Julia occupied throughout our school morning. I found a cowboy pack, Halloween  pack, and one for Christmas. A little to my surprise the boys were just as thrilled as Julia! I thought I would share you their creations and inspire you to spend $3 at the Dollar Store which for my household included at least and hour of entertainment......and we have tons left to make more creations later! I love cheap but fun ideas for the kids to show their imagination and creativity!

Julia's creation (4yrs old) Pre-K

Zach's creation (6 yrs old) First Grade

Caleb's creation (8 yrs old) Third Grade
Lance's creation (10 yrs old) Fifth Grade

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