Sunday, July 24, 2011

Woodworking Project 2011

Our 2011 4-H fair has come to a close, and we had such a fun and memorable time. Lance took two projects this year woodworking and swine. The woodworking judging is just not my favorite...really the waiting is what seems the most challenging with 3 other little people to keep busy.

Here is Zach looking through an I SPY book
Caleb reading to Julia
After waiting our turn for over 2 hours....judging was under way. I'm not sure what Lance said to make him laugh, but they seemed to have quite the conversation (not a surprise to anyone who knows Lance.)
Lance made a garden tool box for me out of some of the barn siding we had left over.....SWEET HUH?
A little closer look at the results...I suggested he use a hand held torch to "burn" the wood edges a bit to give it a more aged look to match the barn siding patina. It worked really well!
He brought home a BLUE RIBBON for his efforts! The judge also gave him a few encouraging pointers to improve on with future projects.


Genesa said...

Very nice!

Anthony Blommel said...

Wow! Your spare barn siding sure came a long way. It's so sweet of Lance to make a tool box for you. Hmm... I would also love to do a father-son project with my son.

Rakhibul said...

Absolutely pretty

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