Sunday, July 17, 2011

Motocross Mania...

Last year at the country fair we watched all the dirt bikes and 4-wheelers whizzing by course which much excitement. It wasn't three weeks later that I had 3 dirt bikes sitting in our garage...kinda funny how that happens. So this year my boys were all "amped up" about riding in the event themselves. But anyone who is anyone knows you can't your bikes or 4-wheelers to the country fair unless they are all shined up. (Well at least that's what my hubby says.)

 TEAM work got the job done.....
Zach & Caleb rinsing off Zach's ride
Here are the two trouble makers who thought they were very helpful when they would steal the 
rags/sponges the boys were trying to use....
Little sister waiting to help shine them all up!
 After they were all nice and clean we loaded up and headed to the fair. We stood around in the melting temperatures and awaited sign up and practice time. (I took my pictures during there practice time so I could be closer and get better pics.)
Lance taking it nice & easy testing out the course.
Steep hill by the finish line.
 Caleb's turn to try it out.
I think that's a little air I see under your tire!
Zach on the mini-quad
Having a blast!

So how'd they do? We went with the goal of having fun and trying out a real motocross track. We accomplished that goal. We didn't break any speed records or show off any fancy jumping abilities.....but that was never the plan. The boys had fun and we are very proud of them for trying something totally new to them...even if all those hills, moguls, and jumps were pretty intimidating. I'm not sure who will want to try again next year, but I am thankful for your prayers of protection. Even with several mishaps the boys were not hurt.


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