Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barn Addition

No, not another animal addition....instead a DOOR INSTALLATION PROJECT. When we bought the house we noticed that this barn didn't have an entry door...so is was one of the projects we added to our priority list to accomplish this Spring/Summer. Here is a picture of the before....

Here is an AFTER shot....the door needs clean and painted, but it was a quick easy installation! ( A BIG thank you to my wonderful father-in-law for his help!)
Another look at it...just because I LOVE it!
QUESTION: My husband suggested to paint the door white to match the barn. I was thinking of putting a color on the door...what is your opinion?

Yahoo for completed projects!!


Archer Articles said...

Give it some character and go with color :) LOL!! I just got done painting the shutters on our house black and getting ready to paint the front door a brick red color. I'll be posting pictures after I get the door done. Keep it up lady you're doing great!

Genesa said...

I think you could easily do either one! Color or white! (i like colors!)

Megan said...

color, always color!!!!

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