Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's County Fair Time Again!

We officially begin hauling in our pigs to the fair tomorrow morning! I'm very excited that my hubby has taken the whole fair off work this year!! (Selfishly this makes my life so much easier this week, but really I'm most excited for us just to get to hang out together....YIPEE!!) This past week we have been getting things in order to take our animals and we had woodworking judged on Tuesday. Then there was the poster "Thank You" to hang above our pen, and the last minute purchase of a new belt and show shirt. I have spent the past 24 hours preparing little snack bags to take along with us throughout the week. I'm hoping it not only helps to ease the damage done to our pocketbook , but also helps to ease grouchy, whining children (mine are always perfectly pleasant of course) who never seem to have enough food to eat! I have cleaned my house and tried to finish up the laundry, although somehow more always seems to appear. I thought know my house will be a total pit by the end of fair but at least is will start off looking all nice and tidy. Prayer for a safe week, and lots of fun as we share in the great fun of 4-H would be much appreciated! Also the boys are in a little open mini motocross event on Friday extra prayers then, please and thank you! I'll be sure to share all our fun with you next week sometime after the storm has calmed once again.

I have also spent my week planning for the new school year (I got a new planner and organizing our year is a highlight of mine.....NERD....I know, but I LOVE it. I think we are starting August 2nd, and doing a Tues., Wed., Thursday schedule for the first month. With Friday's being field trip days. I wanted to ease into our year like we have the past several years. I really want to start off year in fun fashion and I am hoping field trip Friday is just the trick. Any suggestions of fun field trips you have been on would be great! So far I am thinking a pottery studio for painting fun and Science Central for science fun! We already did the zoo a few weeks ago before our membership expired. I'm considering the place in Shipshewana that talks about Amish living (can't remember the name of it).


Taryn Lopshire said...

Oh, you mean the Mennohof... I've always wanted to go there. We usually spend a lot of our time in Shipshewana at the Davis Mercantile... Hoping for a trip to Shipshe sometime this summer when we are home in the 'Busco area! :)

Have fun at the fair!

Megan said...

Oh Boy!! You're just starting and we're just ending our 4H week!! and YES my house is a mess!! We had a very fun week and the kids LOVED it! They're already planning their projects for next year!! Good Luck!

Megan said...

BTW just don't even look at the temps for next week...!!!

Angie said...

Stone's Trace is a great place to visit. They welcome visitors even when the festival isn't going. Of course, you won't be able to enter any of the buildings, but you can check out the grounds and have a picnic lunch under a shade tree. It can make for a pretty fun day.

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