Monday, July 25, 2011

Swine Show 2011

Lance took two pigs this just (the same as last year). He enjoys taking care of them...I really could skip the whole pig thing, but they are an easy 4-H project for the kids. Before the fair started Lance made a poster to put above his pen to thank the buyers of his 2010 pigs!

The morning of the pig show Caleb helped carry the needed cooler to help keep us cool. I think this 4-H fair is one of the hottest and driest on the books...or so we were told.
Lance showing his black pig....this pig didn't make the required 200lbs to go to market on auction day so he came home with us and will be ready to get butchered in a couple months. I'm really excited to have our own homegrown pork in my freezer soon! He got 4th with this crossbred.
Next he showed his other crossbred...which he placed 2nd with! He was thrilled, and so were we.
Here is Lance penned up for 2nd place....Isn't he a good looking young man?
We had the fun of lots of family support at the fair. It's always fun to have others share in fun of the fair....Julia and Ben enjoying some "fair food".
Then they thought they needed to figure our who was the tallest..Zach was the official decision maker.
Caleb couldn't resist entertaining/dazzling us with his undiscovered abilities......

It was a hot fair, but that didn't stop us from making some great memories! Caleb will join the 4-H mix next year (he is by far the animal LOVER in our family). They are both making a LONG list of animals and projects they'd like to do next year.......I better start preparing now!


Genesa said...

Good job Lance! Glad you guys survived the heat!

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