Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Picture Taking......

I love capturing random pictures of the kids...some posed...some not. Although, because I take their picture constantly as soon as they see the camera they automatically pose in some sort of fashion.

The first photo is posed by everyone except Lance......he was happy...really!
 See I told ya....that's better.
 Lance working away at his math....
 Julia snuggling up to her pink kitty
 Zach just chilling by the Christmas tree
 Since I am always taking their pictures, Julia likes to grab the camera and take mine. Usually she take pictures when I am in sweat pants, hair looks totally awesome (not)! I thought I'd post one that didn't scare you all instead.
Justin and Caleb hanging out

The kids performed their CHRISTmas program at church...Zach made a cute shepherd (I'm completely biased....and not afraid to admit it.)
 Miss Julia all dressed up in her new CHRISTmas dress.
 Moments like this are what carry you through all the referee work you have to do as mama!
 Cuddling kitties....always a favorite past time around here.
 By the time the new year arrives I think we all feel a bit like this......


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