Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Recently, we had the joy of having our family pictures taken by Amber Archer Photography

 This first picture is my favorite family picture....
 Family picture #2.....
  Family Pic #3..not my favorite since the wind was 30mph and my hair is all blown about.
 The kids each got to pick an animal to get their picture taken. Lance and his duck.
 Julia and her precious bunny, Peter.
 Zach and his bunny, Mr. Rumples.
 Caleb started his picture with Jasper, but he didn't really cooperate, so he hopped on the tractor.
This picture is actually my favorite...to my children's disgust...I got a great BIG print made!
 Julia and I struck a pose for the camera....
 I love that little lady!
 All my men.....
 A HUGE THANK YOU to Amber Archer Photography and her hubby Mark for coming to our home and giving us these great pictures to treasure for many years to come.


Stephanie Reed said...

You guys look great and so happy. All that hard work pays big dividends, huh? I like the fence shot because you look like music notes, different but in harmony.

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