Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Things Fall

Fall is such a lovely time of year. Bring out the hoodies, start up the bonfires, and enjoying life at a little slower pace. I'm not exactly sure if "slower" pace is accurate but it is compared to our summer pace anyway. This last weekend I spent some time finishing my fall decorating. Here are a few shots of what it looks like around the homestead. Let's start at my back door....

 Someone gave me these adorable pickets last year. I have one on each side of my garage door.
 I love this rustic flower sign. I picked it up at a local sale just a week ago.
 On the warmer sunny mornings I am still enjoying some quiet time outside in the mornings.
 This is the entrance to the covered porch.....
 As we move through October the kids and are going to start our
"Thankful Lists". 
Each day we will write one or things we are grateful for this season.
We will then read them aloud to each other right before Thanksgiving, cultivating thankful hearts at harvest time is a set-up leading into the Christmas season.


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