Friday, August 3, 2012

Flower Friday

I've been pretty quiet around here the past two weeks. I think it has something to do with the garden (and mowing) keep me busy during the day and the Olympics is keeping me up WAY PAST BY BEDTIME at night. The whole family is having so much fun watching all the events we can, and enjoying the carefree schedule that summer time allows. I do have a few flower photos (WOW, say that three times fast) to share with you this week...So sit back, relax, and sip some coffee and enjoy!
 False Sunflower
 Delphinium (I wish I had 100's of these)
 African Daisy ( I got these perennials on clearnace for .50 each!)
 I just can't resist my sunflower patch....especially with the honeybees
 Did you know that now is the perfect time for collecting seeds for next years garden?
When you sunflowers are past their peak and they start to look like this (you can see the birds are starting to eat some of the seeds.) Pop off the head of the flower.
 Then lay in out to dry out. I'm keeping mine in my garden shed. Once they completely dry out the seeds pop right out and you can use them next year. I like to collect mine when they are done blooming and still have dead petals on them. It's make it easier to label.
 I also love saving zinnias....
 Cosmos are also really easy to collect!
It's best to dry them  out on a flat surface...even a paper plate would work. I've leaned that putting the spent blooms in a container will invite mold on the flowers in the bottom. After they sit out for 5-7 days then you can put them in a container on top of one another. When Fall arrives I will put my treasure into a brown paper bag and label them. I keep them in a dry cool place (usually a cabinet in the house) until next Spring. It's a easy frugal way to enjoy beautiful blooms.
DISCLAIMER: I'm positive their are more professional/technical procedure to collecting seeds. Let's just call this the "Busy Mom/Lazy Homesteader Way" of collecting seed!


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