Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zach's Proud Moment!

Some pretty fun and exciting things have been going on here at the Gaerte household. This picture was taken on Zach's 4th day of school. In Pre-K we did some letter practicing but not a ton. We started off our school year practicing the letter A, good place to start huh? Then on this day I decided I wanted him to practice his name. So he is now proud to say that he can write his name without any help!
This moment of "his first" writing his name on his own was so fun to witness! All the kids were so proud of him and encouraged him telling him what a great job he did. I wouldn't trade anything for not being able to be there and witness these moments. Homeschooling has afforded me lots of these special moments with my children. Although schooling your children at home doesn't come without some sacrifices, these moments make them all melt away. I know this is where God wants me in this season of my children's life. I really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

I am joining in with Just For the JOY of it this week. Go Here to see more joyful happenings!


Regina said...

That's awesome! Great job Zach. I can't believe he didn't even have his Z backwards!

It's a Vivas Thing! said...

I remember those days. Seems so long ago. This year, I got a text from my eldest stating he was having his first day of his last full year of college...the same day my second son started his senior day of high school.

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