Monday, September 27, 2010

True Woman 10' in Indy....

Last Thursday, I loaded up two days worth of clothes, piled 7 other women into "The Big Red Bus" and we headed off to Indy for the True Woman 10' Conference. I can' t even begin to tell you every detail of every speaker, all the things the Lord spoke to my heart about, the convictions, the lightbulb moments, the tears of sorrow, the tears of joy, the incredible worship music, the priceless fellowship, the praying over a fellow sister in a great time of need....I could just keep going!

True Woman is a undertaking of "Revive our Hearts" ministry. Nancy Leigh DeMoss, who is passionate about women ministry, is the incredible lady behind organizing and making this idea a reality. In Indy, our small group joined up with other women from our church, along with 6,100 other women who were seeking to be True Women of God. (That is a lot of hormones in one room is it not?!) I had never been to anything of this magnitude before and didn't really know what to expect, nor did I have any expectations. I was just a mama who was SUPER EXCITED that I had the next 48 hours to only worry about feeding, clothing, and cleaning up after myself.....

If your interested in checking out what this conference was all about you can go HERE to see what the 2008 tour looked like, the Indy tour I attended was different from the 08' version, but I am guessing te same vibe to it I think. You can watch the speakers, listen to the workshops, all the click of a mouse. If at all possible, if you get the chance, go to the next stop on the tour in Houston, Texas in October......DO IT!!! It really is an inspiring and  life changing time...if you go with a willing heart.

Believe it or not I really didn't take many pictures of my time away. I can't get the ones I did take to load up anyway...who knows why? Be sure to check out all the podcasts and things on the true woman website link  above!

Happy Monday!


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