Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I recently entered the word of techy with my new purchase of an 32G Ipod Touch! My hubby has the IPhone and I have been eye balling one of these babies for months. I love the fact that I can do almost everything he can do on his Iphone (minus taking pics or making calls). I don't mind not taking pics..that is why I  have my camera, and I don't need to pay the crazy cost of the monthly phone bill/media package you have to have with the IPhone b/c it really is not a need for me. Well anyway, I TOTALLY LOVE my new toy (yep Genesa..your were right!) I have had fun browsing through all the fun and crazy cool apps that are offered. 

So far I have discovered the Bump app....which enable Justin and I to sync up our calendar stuff....super cool I am still baffeled how that all works!

I think it's super cool that I could download the Textfree app (used to be $5.99, but it's free now) and now text anyone and receive text anywhere that I have a wifi connection.

Okay so this one is kinda nerdy, but I really love The Weather Channel app......I love being able to see the weather hour by hour, 36 hour, or the ten day forcast whenever I want. I never know what the weather is suppose to be since I never watch the news.

My favorite music thing in the whole world is the Pandora app. Internet radio with basically no commericals and a random mix of the artists you like. I love that you can hear all this music for FREE!! (We already have this on our home PC so I knew I would love it.)

The Funny thing is I really like the stuff that is already loaded on my IPod Touch...I love the list maker....FB at my fingertips, my email, Calendar..oh ya.... no more paper calendar! Of course having my music/podcasts with me is so more contact tunes of my husband's pickings and my kids liking....unless I want to listen (insert angelic singing...)

Okay, all this to say I want to hear from you about the "Must Have apps" I have mostly Free apps loaded on my toy at this point. What apps do you have that you would highly recommend?

I would love to hear any and all feedback you have to offer.....or if you have any questions about the Touch...because maybe you have had your eye on one as well!

Happy Wednesday!


Candace said...

I just got a new one too. So far I have added 3 quilting apps the Kindle app, stanza for books not quite sure what to do with it yet, lol. I also joined Audible which I like, but don't know if I'll keep it as it costs money. I'm going to add the app Imapmywalk, it's supposed to give you an idea of how far you walk.

Genesa said...

=) I'm so glad that you love it!!! I haven't looked at apps in months. I have been so busy! I think one of my favorites is the bible! I have one that has to have wifi and one that doesn't. It's nice to not have to carry a bible with me to church!
I also like several games. Check out donut games they have some of our favorite ones.
Have fun!!! =)

Robert said...

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