Monday, August 23, 2010

Boys & Their Toys!

Well the boys have been talking about it for a couple of has been trying to convince them in another direction. The boys have been looking through craigslist and dreaming up which one they want....again mom has been trying to convince them to buy a different "toy".......

 My convincing didn't work....and here are the new toys the boys' picked out. The agreement with these sorts of toys around our house is....the boys have to be able to pay for them with their own money, but mom and dad pay to insure them and gas them up. I don't know what everyone does as far as rules go, but we think these investments for the kids help them to be better stewards of their toys knowing that they used their hard earned money to purchase them.
The day they brought the dirk bikes home they first had to clean them up and get them looking all sparkling....then they rode around for hours on them! I love how Hubby was able to convince me that he needed one too...ya know so he could keep a better eye on the boys while hey I am  not sure who is having more fun, Dad or the boys? I don't have a picture of Zach riding, but he got the 4-wheeler that used to be Lance's. He is thrilled to have is own "vehicle" to drive! To be exact, he said "Mom, this is the best day of my life! I have my own 4-wheeler...awesome!" It was so fun to see him bubbling over with so much joy.

I have been considering calling the ER to introduce myself...but I thought might be a little to forward thinking. I'll tell ya what, I never knew being a mommy to three country boys was going to be so stretching to me. I am a mama who likes to be "in control" with lack of a better term. I always have a Plan A then a Plan B....I think this is just another way of learning to cut the apron strings on my boys as they grow up. (Which seem to be happening WAY TO FAST around here these days!)

I hope you all had a great weekend of FUN at you house! I am exciting about cooler temps. here in my neck of the woods...dream weather.....LOVE IT! Happy Monday....


Anonymous said...

Juila needs a barbie power wheels to ride around now!!


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