Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ecostore USA Review

A couple of months ago I was contacted by The EcoStore to review products that are made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, and are also free of toxic chemicals. The two products I chose were the Dishwash Liquid (for hand washing dishes) and the Lemon Rinse Aid. These products are made from a concentrate which means you should be able to use less of the product each time and therefore stratching your dollar farther. With that being said, I was ready to try out these products and see if they could really deliver on their promises. I am all for products that are less harmful, more economical, and environmently friendly, but they have to be able to perform as well.

What I liked about the Dishwasher liquid is that is smelled really good, and it wash gentle on my hands (it didn't dry them out). I was dissapointed with the performance of the soap. It did not cut grease well, it did not lather up well, and I found that I needed to add more of this soap than I normally use. So from  my experience, I would not recommend this product.

The second product I tested was the Lemon Rinse Aid. We have soft water at our home so we don't always use a rinse aid, but when I am washing lots of plastics I like to have a rinse aid on hand. Again, I loved the smell of this product. I can not honestly say I noticed a difference between when I used the rinse aid and when I didn't.
I did receive an extra product from the EcoStore! They sent me this heavenly scented coconut bar of soap...as a thank you for waiting on my package to arrive since there were some hiccups in the shipping department. The lather was really great, it made our skin feel nice and soft, plus we all loved the smell of coconut! I loved pretending I was somewhere tropical!! So I do recommend the bar soap!

A BIG THANK YOU to The EcoStore for sending me their generous free samples to review, and for being very customer consious in their business details.


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