Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sleepover Mania

Winter is a slow down time for us and this year the boys have really been living it up with sleepovers nearly every weekend. We either have a house full of extra kids or they are away having a blast at someone else's home. Several weekends ago I caught a few pictures of what it's like to sleepover at the Gaertegang Homestead.
First, there is a lot of eating, which requires lots of cooking on my part. I'm bracing myself for what this will mean in the years to come. After supper, Justin told everyone a story. He is such a great story teller......the kids LOVED it!
 There is usually some Wii playing with lots of laughing, and animated instruction giving to whomever has the remotes.
 No sleepover would be complete without a movie or two and some popcorn.
 If all your brothers have friends over and your the only girl, you and your mom have a tea party, play hair dresser, or quilt together.
 On a recent occasion Julia was able to have her first girlfriend sleepover party herself. They had a grand time together.
We are enjoying our time with friends before the many busy months ahead begin and sleepovers become harder to arrange until after the 4-H fair.


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