Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking Advantage of the Season!

"Seize the Moment" (weather), has been our mantra this week! Has it been yours also? We spent a whole morning do all things FUN and FALL! First up.....a FALL scavenger hunt!

I complied a list of 12 "must finds"
Then I divided the kids into 2 older with a younger, each team was given a list. 
(no looking at the list was allowed until I said "GO!")
Each person was given a plastic bag to collect their goodies.
A couple rules were given:
One of each item on the list must be collected in their own bag (except the rake...1 per team)
They had to go in order of the list
Stay together...don't leave your man behind!
TEAM ONE: Lance & Julia
TEAM TWO: Caleb & Zach
Each team finished just seconds apart, Team 2 we showed our goods to see if the first team done had all items they needed. One member was missing an item so Team 1 was crowned the winner. They all enjoyed a piece of candy for their efforts!
Next were took off on a nature hike through the woods.....

We raked our little path....
We played....we were silly...

catching leafs.....
we enjoyed the splendor of the season...

Then we came back and read all these wonderful FALL books in the sunshine!
Loving EVERY SECOND of the season and all it entails!


Archer Articles said...

That is wonderful Danielle :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the season and all it's splendor! You always inspire me to get back at my blogging...hee hee!! I'm such a slacker at blogging.

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