Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preparing for the Christmas Season.....

I know it is only October, but when you plan on crafting October means getting busy on projects. The last time I got together with my sewing bee ladies, we were making stockings for soldiers. I was inspired to use up some of my stash fabric and whip up some more. I don't know about you but I LOVE INSTANT gratification projects. I don't know if I will actually keep any of these, but maybe. I've thought about maybe selling some them for a little extra cash. If that doesn't pan out I have a Plan B in mind. Here are my fruits of labor thus far.

Next on my list....Make stockings with CAMO fabric! 
If you are by chance interested in any of the stockings I am asking $12 for one....$10 when you buy three or more.


Carra said...

Super cute!!!
Love how each one is so different.
Way to go, thanks for the pix. :)

Archer Articles said...

Oh good I was hoping you were going to share :) Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

They're Grrrrrreat!!!

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