Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lots of Excitement!

Lots of EXCITEMENT going on in the Little Miss Julia department lately.....

She wrote her name all by herself for the first time.
She is really getting into "her school work". I'm trying to hold to the girl off a bit, she's only three. She insists upon doing school work like the boys...which isn't bad. If she doesn't slow down I'm not gonna have anything left to teach her for kindergarten. Oh well, I think most kiddos her age with older sibling have this same issue. I think it's a good issue to
One BIG HUGE thing that also happened was that Julia asked Jesus into her heart last week. I was having a conversation with Caleb about heaven and then Julia asked how we get to heaven. I laid out the plan of salvation. She asked for forgiveness of her sins, and thanked Jesus for dieing on the cross and rising again for her, then asked Jesus into her heart. It was such a sweet time.....and it on happened during bath time! Julia is the last of my little bunch to accept Christ as her Savior. It's has been such an honor to have been able to lead all the kids to always seems to happen during the day when daddy is at work. Now I will continue to train them on what it means to walk with God in their daily example, by discipline, and  by simply loving them while they are still at home with me.


Megan said...

Yea Julia!!! Very awesome!!

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