Monday, December 13, 2010

My new favorite EDUCATIONAL addtition!

Does anyone else remember the listening stations when they were in school? The last time I ordered from Scholastic, I saw this time in their teacher section!!! The set comes with 4 headsets (Perfect!! I have four little kiddos) and then the little red box you see in front of the boys. We are huge fans of books on tape around here....and this works out so awesome for kids to either do all together or for the little ones to do while we are schooling the bigger kids. I love that we can multi-task without being a distraction to everyone else!!! I also LOVE that it is something the kids can do all together...which is sometimes really challenging to find things they can do all together since their are four of them!!

I don't think you can order from the Scholastic teacher section unless you have a teacher account so I looked up where you can get one of these great sets for yourself!! Here is a link to Educational Insights website. I saw that you can buy the center station (red box) and then buy the headsets seperatly....or you can buy them the whole set in a 4 pack or an 8 pack. This would make a fantastic gift for any family for Christmas!!! So for all of you last minute's a great idea!!


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