Monday, February 11, 2013

January in Review

The month of January was fun for all of us. We got to celebrate my sweet Hubby's Birthday! I'm not sure how many men ask for a pad for their tractor seat, but he was tickled to get it. That made us all very happy to get it for him.
 We always celebrate at my in-laws house with cake and ice cream!
 He got this vintage t-shirt of Waylon Jennings. It's incredibly soft and feels wonderful. Again he was thrilled, again I wondered why.
We got to go to the Shrine Circus! This was the kids first time to go to the circus and they enjoyed every minute. We have a really great time! I forgot my good camera, so we just got a few pictures together before the circus started.
 Since Justin is still healing up, we've been doing more relaxing than usual. Julia and Daddy spent some time just hanging out and watching a little show.
 We have been spoiling Jasper and he has enjoyed cuddling up with the kids while they read. He is currently taking some dancing lessons from Caleb, shown here. I'm still trying to decide whether he is thrilled or really wanting someone to send him outside.
We also celebrated out 100th Day of school.......lots of pictures to come.


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