Thursday, January 17, 2013

60 degrees in the Middle of January!

Say what? Topping out around 60 degrees in the middle of January in Indiana just doesn't happen.
It did this past Saturday though, and I took advantage of it and headed out with my neglected Canon Rebel. (Since inheriting my Iphone I've been lazy at getting my "big camera" out and using it.) So here we go on our stroll of the homestead on the beautiful, but unusual January day. I followed my hubby out to woods without him knowing it. I loved this shot of him got hanging out looking over things.
 Flowers blooming in January...seriously? Yep in my little chick trough feeder...LOVE IT!
 I know this picture is a little weird to some, but it's really exciting to me.....COMPOST BABY!!
 When it gets as warm as 60 degrees my girls decided to come out and enjoy the sunshine. I can't even  begin to tell you what an blessing this was to me. I haven't been able to check on them at all since I harvested honey in September. Once the temps stay below sixty your not suppose to open the hive box anymore (to cold for the bees). I still didn't open the hives up this weekend,  but to see so many of them out flying around was just about the best thing ever! The fact that I know they are still alive and thriving makes me so very grateful!
 I love looking across our 24 acre field beside us and seeing GREEN! I has all kind of beans and greens that were planted last fall to help replenish the soil with nitrogen naturally.
 There is something that gives me warm and fuzzy feeling about seeing all the wood piles we have around the homestead. I'm thinking it has something to do with my LOVE of a good campfire. My father in law says it might have something to do with me not cutting the wood, but burning it at a rapid pace. Ya maybe, but who's keeping track right?
 Jasper thought the whole day outside with all his favorite people was quit grand....
 I think this picture should be calle, "Where there is a will, there is a way." I'm sure others might have an entirely different name for it. I think it's awesome: Crutches, feed sack over his foot, and riding one of his favorite toys. I'm thinking this is what memories are made of!
 Our egg laying ladies are so happy to see the snow melt and scratch at the ground again! Our rooster, "Feather Foot" is keeping his ladies close, he's not sure about the weird lady with that black thing in front of here faces following them around.
 Our Ducks seemed to jumping out of their skin with excitement. Quacking the whole days while milling about from here to there. They found a little water wallow where our 4-H pigs were last year.
 I didn't take them but a second to decide it was a perfect day for swim. Unfortunately, warm weather in January was never expected to last and now we have highs in the 30's all week. It was great while it lasted, and I think it's safe to say EVERYONE at the Homestead took advantage of the day!
For the rest of January we plan to maybe visit the farm show, order some flower seeds for our nectar loving bees, amd order our veggie seeds as well. If I get really ambitious I might even start to map our layout of the veggie garden.


Kim said...

Such strange weather this year. In Oklahoma, we have had many days of near freezing temps for weeks on end.
Your farm looks great! Wish we had bees.

Stephanie Reed said...

Hey! Haven't talked to you in a while. Glad your bees are thriving. I don't know much about them, except that last summer we had someone tell us that we had bees from three different hives gorging on one of our plants. He was amazed and envious, because he DOES keep bees. So I told him what the plant was and the nursery where I got it. BONUS--I've divided it several times and it cannot be stopped. Of course I'm going to tell you! And you can probably get it cheaper elsewhere, but this is where I got my Salvia May Night:

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