Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday to me. I love fall! I love the smell of fall, the pumpkins, the playing in the leaves, the harvest parties, hay rides, bonfires, sitting on the porch enjoying the cool air and warm sun....I could go on and on. I love that this time of year is an extra special time spent in reflection of the past year. Praising God for the journey He has carried each of us through in the past months...the good and the bad...and everything in between. As Christians, children of God,  I think we should have this heart attitude year around. We do live in a crazy busy sin cursed world that is constantly pulling us in every direction, which can cause our perspective to stray if we are not careful. So Thanksgiving is just a reflection of what our attitude should be daily....I love that!

2010 has been such an incredible year for us here at the Gaerte Household. So many blessings I could not even list them all....and let's be honest , you probably wouldn't want to read them all either! I did want to share several of them God ALL the glory for the great things He alone has done.

1. My family's health.
I am forever grateful that we have no food allergies or any other major medical things that would require us to be a high maintenance household. I think a healthy family is something so many of us take for granted.....I try very hard not to because I know it is such a gift.
2. My Hubby's job.
While many people around this great country have lost their jobs, I praise God that we have been spared this hardship. I praise God that my Husband really loves his job and enjoys working with his customers.
3. Our School year.
I am so thankful that even though I thought this school year sounded almost impossible before it began, it has gone smoother than any other year to date. Schooling three kiddos....with a certain three old girl that wants to be in the mix as well scared me to death. It's takes a lot of organization to make it happen, but I am so thankful to be schooling my children and wouldn't have any other way for my family at this point and time.
4. My Marriage.
I am so grateful for the mate the Lord has chosen for me. Married now for 11yrs., and I continue to fall in love with that man more every year. I smile when I think of how much we've grown up from that 19 yr couple when we met...learned so much...learned how to walk together in marriage with Christ the center of it all. 
With that marriage came sum that up I can just say "I am so very blessed, and I treasure that fact each and every day."
5. God's timing and His Blessings.
God's timing is something that I have had to learn and re-learn over and over this year.....I think it's my anthem for 2010. I couldn't even tell you how many times this has been a heart issue for me this year. I can't tell you all the stories or the details of each one, but I CAN tell you a couple of things.  God's timing is WAY better than mine. I am a type A planner/organizer kind of gal and that can often times cause my heart attitude to stray. Throughout the past year when I have willing and honestly given up control over something and lay it at the feet of Jesus, I have received such a blessing......Don't misunderstand this to mean I got what I asked for....because most of time of it DID NOT work that way. Most of time it was God saying NO to what my heart desired. Over the past year of hearing NO often I have learned that no is okay. (It's my heart that Jesus wants...for Him alone and His will for me to be enough.) I have learned to be content in what God has for me and my family....through that contentment he has brought more blessings than I can honestly count. I have also learned that "NO" sometimes just means NO FOR NOW.....thank you God for your grace and your willingness to be so patient.
6. Our New Home.
Just this week we bought a new home. Not just any home....our dream property. I am so humbled by this entire blessing and how it came about. I almost think someone should pinch me, I can't hardly believe it's really happening. Maybe some day I will tell you the whole story which would clearly illistrate to you just how amazingly personal God is. I see God's handprints all over this whole process. Praise be to God.

I could just keep going....but I hope you make time to sit with family or your spouse and say out loud the things you are grateful for...while giving the glory to God. All good things come from Him.


I would love it if each one of my followers could list one thing they are thankful for (it would bless me so much!)'s doesn't have to be the #1 thing on your list....just pick one (or two or three)!


Anonymous said...

i have to say God's timing and Blessing is what we are truely blessed for this year. we have been asking for a child for years and this year when we least expect it. we are so excited to know at this time next year we will have a little one to show for it!! :-)

thank you danielle for all the prayers you have and will be saying for us!!! we love you, Christa and Nate

Andrea @ Simple Organized Living said... got your dream home too! congrats :)

I know how amazing that feeling is, especially since you've been waiting so long. I'm so excited for you {even though we've never met!}

Looks like we'll both be even busier than normal this holiday season!

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