Thursday, May 16, 2013

March, April and May Ohhhhh MY!

We have been up to a record number of projects since February when I last blogged! Instead of updating my "scrapbook" on all the things we have been doing since then I thought I would just update on garden/homesteading stuff today. 
First, we incubated our own chicks! Five out of nine hatched and have at this point are out in the coop with all the other laying hens.
 In April Justin enjoyed a lot of time playing in the dirt.
 Lance is always willing to get in on the action!
 We have enjoyed two wonderful bonfires this spring so far.
 Hot dogs and smores...the supper of champions
 This Spring I also expanded from two hives to three.
 The new hive is doing OK, not great but OK.
 Here you can see my Queen bee left her cell to join the hive.
 It always makes me happy to see the girls out and about.
 Last fall we took down all of the existing fence in preparation for new fencing this spring.
We are on schedule to install the new fence over Memorial Day Weekend.
 I'm not sure what I like better, the pretty green grass or the fence all lined up and ready to be installed.
 Shortly after we moved in, we were gifted these fantastic laundry line poles. Two years later they are installed and now being used! I'm overjoyed and smile each time I get to use it.
 Last week I harvested my first little bundle of rhubarb. Rhubarb pie is my sweetheart's favorite, so when I get a chance to catch my breath I shall finally make him one.
 My little strawberry patch is all abloom with gorgeous flowers!
 Lots of flowers equals lots of berries....we can hardly wait!!!
 A girl riding with her dad is always a good thing!
 After a cold and wet early Spring, I think we are in full garden mode. Our peas (far back), onions, garlic (not shown) and potatoes (closest). are all up and growing well. We have planted corn, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and I just started putting in tomato plants this week. I also planted a little herb garden that I can't wait to collect fresh herbs from all summer!
 I have added some perennial flowers (lavender, verbena, and bee balm) and some annuals to the landscaping. Now I'm just waiting for them to fill in (so I don't have to weed) and burst with color!
 I'm always looking for cute things to put in the landscape (cheap stuff). I used old chore boots as planters, I picked up this birdhouse for $5 at a garage sale, the milk cans I got years ago at an auction for $1, galvanized buckets (same story).
 Thanks to the previous owners we have an amazing hedge of lilac bushes along part of our drive. Today as I type, there is a lovely breeze blowing their lilac scent into the house! Dreamy...
 We have so many pretty birds, we love watching them so we dusted of the birdhouses, and bought some feed last week.
 I love making my porch warm and cozy feeling. To me, this is cozy.
 The Lord gave the gift of this beautiful rainbow to enjoy recently.......gasp!
 It's mid May so it's time to shear the sheep for their first time. I think it's safe to say Caleb was as wet as the sheep, but I'm happy to report we did not shear him.
 Our most recent adventure is plowing, disking, and preparing the soil of part of our pasture. It's now becoming a one acre (give or take) plot of organic field corn. We plan to use it to feed our animals this winter and beyond.
 I'm pretty sure these two guys are having way to much fun playing in the dirt. I'm glad they are having fun, and it gives me an excuse to take more pictures without getting "the look".
 These three men have been there cheering them on the whole time.
 We also plowed up this little patch. It's the future location for the pumpkins, gourds, and maybe some sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos.
So there you have it folks! We are having a good time checking things off our list, finishing up our school year, planting the rest of the garden, pulling weeds, and working on the 4-H projects!


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