Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Field Trip Friday #4

For our FOURTH Field Trip Friday we didn't have to travel far, only 20 minutes.
Black Pine Animal Park was our destination! Lots of Wild and Exotic Animals to see.
 The lion exhibit was by far the thrill of our visit. He was all the way up by the fence this morning. We could literally reach through the fence and touch him we were so close. DON'T PANIC we didn't attempt to pet him but we were that close! Looking into the eyes of this HUGE lion was intense. Just being in his presence was simply amazing....
Besides Lance, have you ever since such fake smile? They had a good time, and loved having the run of the place. Only two other people we in the whole park that day.....This field trip was $30 for all 5 of us. I had another FREE admission ticket from my sister, so that was nice! It was a fun trip, but not one we will make again for several more years.


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