Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gaerte Christmas in July!

I'm terribly behind when it comes to blogging about what is going on around here lately! I do LOVE "scrapbooking" what we are doing here on my blog, but it is not the highest on my priority list when you have beautiful weather like we've had!!

Never the less, here are some pictures of Christmas in July. In case you don't know what that is....let me explain. My Hubby's side of the family is VERY LARGE. So in December when Christmas rolls around it is nearly impossible to find a date when everyone can make it to celebrate. Several years ago, Christmas in July was started. It's a WHOLE DAY packed full of food, and fun. We start the day with a HUGE breakfast around "9ish." Then the aunts play organized games with the two younger age groups of kids (with prizes at the end!) Then we have another HUGE supper! Then there is the showing of the latest family DVD, put together by one of Justin's aunts. While we watch it we eat homemade ice cream........yep were spoiled like that! Here are some pictures...

Zach throwing balls at the dunk tank....guess who was in it?
 What a good sport!
 Cannon ball anyone?
Julia watching Ben blow his bubbles through the hoop
Julia shaking all the ball into the bottom 
Caleb playing tic-tac-toe. He had the colored balls the opponent had white balls. They had to bounce the balls off the table into the cups...First tic-tac-toe wins.
Lance playing the "shake game" first person to get all the balls into the bottom wins.
Zac's turn!
Julia was having so much fun getting wet! 
 One of the best things for the adults socializing while all the kids play! We also had a corn hole tournament...didn't get any pictures of that.
Caleb showcasing a bike move..
This is my niece Maggie, isn't she cute! The kids love picking out their prizes after game time...She picked these!

Another year of HOT temps. & great fun....


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