Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animal Update......

Our meat chickens are now 5 weeks old and still growing like weeds....except better cause we get to eat these....this is what they looked like when we brought them home.

Meat chicks are yellow...Layers are golden brown...
Meat chickens now....
Layers now!
I can't even believe how quickly they grow. They are such an easy animal to take care of and a good one for the kids to care for! Can't wait till about August till we start getting some yummy eggs!
Here is Midnight: 4-H pig #1
Here is 4-H pig #2, doing what any good pig does...playing in the water hole!
Last but certainly not least our little kittens. They are about 6 weeks old now and starting to eat real cat they will be finding new homes in the next couple weeks. Aren't they precious?


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