Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Season Garage Sale Finds...

I know that you all know that I LOVE to hunt up garage sales whenever I get the chance in the Spring? I realized the other day I haven't been to a garage sale in about two months maybe...none in July or August to speak of....what? So a couple weeks ago when Labor Day weekend rolled around we went a hunting in the afternoon one day....Here are a few of the fun things we found.....

I got Dennis the Menace and Ardie comic books (from the 1960's) for 3 for $1.00! I also scored some Magic Tree House books for Lance...she loves that series...all 5 for $1.00
These are little hard to see, but they are two rounded primitive shelves $2.00 each and a little soap dish for .25!
I got all these earrings for .50 each!! I brought them home cleaned them in rubbing alcohol real well and I have four pretty sets of earrings!! I also scored a couple of shirts for under a buck a piece.

It was a good time. The kids found a few goodies along the way with their given amounts of money. We had a good time, and got some fun finds to wrap up the garage sale season..


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