Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Night Celebration!

Friday night after our oldest son finished his soccer practice, Hubby took us all out to eat to celebrate my B-day! Let me just tell you that I LOVE and ADORE all of my wonderful four children, but going out to eat at a sit down restaurant is not usually a relaxing enjoyable experience. It is not something we do very often...I want to say we only BRAVE it 2-3 times a year maybe. So I was thinking....I'd rather be selfish and do a date night....but let's give it a whirl and see how it goes......Well I am happy to report that the whole night from start to finish was really GREAT!! Everyone had such fun, showed me that they really do remember the manners I work so hard to teach them....even though they act like they have none at home at our table..AHEM....We laughed, we joked, nothing was spilled..yet again another milestone in our dining experience....I was so glad at the end of the night that we all enjoyed my B-day supper together...ya never know the year is still young we just might try it again sometime soon!
I picked a little Mexican restaurant complete with unlimited chips and salsa....Yummy!! Although I thought it was funny that our waitress had to keep filling up our chips basket and salsa bowls every 5 minutes.....I was thinking she should get us 2 baskets of chips and leave the salsa at our table so we could refill it ourselves.....with 6 of us it would have made her life a little easier......we were sure to leave her a good
As I was paying for the supper, I came back to the table were the crew was waiting. Justin, for a reason unknown to me, was encouraging a burping game with Lance. He is very gifted in this area and LOUD might I I had to hurry and scurry them out of the restaurant, which thankfully was loud with people visiting so they didn't notice the "game" at our table. Sometimes I just have to laugh and know...yep they are their father's son.....GOD LOVE EM'

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes you all showered me with, I so loved reading everyone of them! I am looking forward to see how the Lord works on me in the next year and blesses my family. A special thanks to my hubby for a FUN night out, my mother-in-law for the yummy b-day supper on Saturday night, and my Hubby again for making enough food to feed and army while I was at church on Sunday and he stayed home with two of the kiddos. HOW SPOILED I am to not have to cook all weekend and now we should be set on left overs for many days to come...LIFE IS GOOD!




Megan said...

Sounds like a fun time!! glad you had a wonderful weekend!!

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