Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Julia!!

My baby is TWO!!! AHHHHHH!!! I may need a moment here people!!!
I am thankful EVERY day for this little blessing in my life!!!!

Here she is at Christmas time in her "to big pj's grandma made....she'll grow into!!

A not so happy face one morning before church...still looks cute in those pig tails!!

Julia loves to rock her babies..I love teaching her how to do it, and how to hold and care for the babies...There is just something so amazing to me that I get to raise " a little mommy"

Julia showing off her newly painted toes and soccor last week!! I love painting her toes for her...she thinks it is so neat to have paint "like mommy"
I caught Julia and Justin in a cute little conversation one week at Lance's soccor practice....ahhh what a daddy little girl moment!!

Julia is giving you a big thumbs up while driving the golf cart and great-grandma Gaerte's a couple of weeks ago.....We start our kids driving early around here...

Here is Julia in PJ's that used to be mine..YIKES! We used the curling iron on her hair a few months back just to see what it would do...she thought she was big stuff...her hair is so straight the curl just fell right out!

So a few days ago I sent Julia with Justin upstairs to get some PJ's on for bed and this green bathing suit is what she returned in....Here is how the conversation went;
Me: Honey what is she wearing that for? Justin: What? What do you mean? Me: I thought you were putting PJ's on her? Justin: Aren't those? Me: Are you kidding me? Your not know that is her bathing suit right??? Justin: Well won't it work for PJ's too?? ME: LAUGHING INSANELY at his crazy comment..and when I stopped crying because I was laughing so hard at him...I said no try again!! FUNNY HUH??
So needless to say, having a little girl around the house has been a learning experience for us all (some more than others). I am savoring every "girly moment" I can with this little princess....even if that means a tiny bit of spoiling on my part....I justify it with "Well I waited a long time for this little female counterpart...I'm entitled right?" That one might be loosing its effectiveness a bit I might need a new one...any suggestions???
Happy Birthday Julia!!! We love you and cherish you and all your girly drama moments....I can't believe how fast you have grown up and I look forward to teaching you all your mommy & wife know-how skills....
All my Love, Mom


Genesa said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Great pictures! Tell Justin I think he did a great job picking out PJ's!! Too funny!

Stephanie Reed said...

Aw. Happy birthday, Julia. Your mom sure loves you. :-)

Mominin said...

Happy Birthday Julia! I love that picture of her and Justin. We've had a few of those clothing errors at our house, too! I bet Julia thought it was great to wear her swim suit to bed!

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