Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yet another giveaway from Megan, this one is a real WHOPPER of a giveaway!!! $250.00 worth of FREE PRODUCT...can you imagine being spoiled so much????? Well I hardly can, but I would love to try....so I hope to win!!! So don't sign up to win...it will make MY odds better!!!! No I'm just kidding of course I want to sin up....why else would I tell you about it???? Okay ya so I do get one more entry if I tell you all about it....but I would've anyway....I think....yep I would!!!!

The company is called KISS MY FACE...and it sounds like they have really nice stuff to offer...so head over here to check out all the entry details and ways to enter!!! Deadline for entries is May 28th!! Open to US residents only..........GOOD LUCK!!!
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Megan said...

Thanks for blogging about it!!

Good Luck! Funny post!!!

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